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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: What’s the Difference

Having an innovative product or service is fantastic, but if nobody knows about your presence in the industry it’s hard to grow your customer base. Every day businesses are looking for ways to improve the public awareness of their product through different methods of marketing. The two forms that we have become aware of in the industry include outbound and inbound marketing. Our team at Integrated Digital Strategies have been implementing evolving tactics of inbound marketing for business franchises since 2012. Read along to discover what we believe are the most important differentiating factors between outbound and inbound marketing for business franchises.

Outbound Marketing 

Everyone is familiar with the region-specific jingles that were constantly playing through your car radio or the same billboards lining the highways of your town.  At one point in our industry, outbound marketing was the entire scope of advertising a product. Although outbound marketing can be effective, there’s always been a negative undertone to the pesky tactics that can come from this style of advertising. In the digital realm, pop-up and ad-blockers have started to cause a downward spiral for marketing strategies of companies still using outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is also a strategy that focuses on pushing out a product to as many people as possible without any guidance or direction to a fitting audience. Pushing out your product to a larger group of people could bolster exposure, but your message most likely does not fit the needs or interest of the entirety of the public. 

Inbound Marketing 

As our industry developed businesses have been looking for better ways to target their brand to a specific audience. Methods such as social media posts, blogs, and email blasts are forms of inbound marketing that use targeted methods of reaching your ideal target demographic. For Integrated Digital Strategies, we use forms of inbound marketing for business franchises in order to specify our reach to a specific audience in order to generate qualified leads for our clients. We are able to reach potential candidates who would want to read the content we are creating rather than blasting the information to groups that the message might not concern. Depending on how engaging the content is, inbound marketing limits the inefficiencies that come from outbound tactics. 

Which is Most Effective for my Business?

Both of these forms of marketing have shown their pros and cons depending on the purpose of your companies marketing strategy. When it comes to lead generation and reaching your specified audience, significant results have shown the benefits of implementing an inbound marketing strategy. Bellow, we have highlighted some eye-opening statistics that further prove this point: 

  • When asked which tactic improves higher quality leads for sales 59% of marketers responded inbound and 16% reported outbound
  • 82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI from inbound tactics 
  • The average cost per lead drops 80% after 5 months of consistent inbound marketing
  • 3 out of 4 inbound marketing channels cost less than out any outbound channels 

By optimizing our client’s search engine optimization (SEO) and creating engaging content, Integrated Digital Strategies has seen the benefits of overall lead generation from inbound marketing for business franchises.

Do you want to improve your marketing tactics and improve your lead generation, maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy? Contact us today and we can see how our strategies of using inbound marketing for business franchises could benefit you.