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How many leads has your website delivered in the past month? With the vast majority of people using the internet to find businesses and do research before making contact, your website becomes a foundation for your business marketing strategy at the beginning of the buying cycle.

Attractive and Effective Websites

Every business needs an effective and attractive website design – and getting one shouldn't be a complicated task. At IDS, we provide a complete solution. We start with a sound strategy, followed by a beautiful design that's brought to life by our talented and dedicated development team. Our process from start to finish includes:


When we develop a strategy, we build a wireframe and site architecture that matches an ideal buyer’s journey while visiting your site. We work with you to decide the flow of information and sequence of events, ensuring a logical and productive sales process.

Buyer Persona

After we've put the overall strategy in place, we develop the buyer persona. Typically, we create three to five ideal clients and answer the usual questions and concerns they may have.


With both a sound strategy and your ideal buyers identified, our team produces a mock-up of what your site should look like, using the information we've gathered during the previous steps to tailor the process. This design should have a look and feel that reflects your ideal customer and provide an accurate and informative representation of what your company is all about. Our designs create a “wow” factor that provide a high quality first impression, encouraging visitors to stay on your site and learn more.

Content Creation

Our talented in-house team will create the rich and informative content that'll keep your visitors visiting! We'll conduct keyword research to determine what terms your ideal personas are searching for, allowing us to produce content for each page that addresses the questions or concerns your visitors may have. This part of the process is critical to a satisfying user experience, and for SEO, which helps search engines find you more quickly, easily and consistently.


The last step is to bring the site to life. Our web developers will imbed the site architecture and wireframe into the page layout, adding photos, info-graphics and images that will increase your site's appeal and usefulness. Here is where we'll include all the unique content that was produced for your new site.

When the website is complete, the work continues! IDS provides several options to ensure that our clients' sites are maintained and updated regularly. Not only is this a best practice for keeping your prospects and customers well informed, it also tells Google and other search engines that you have a vibrant website with regular interaction.

Total Website Management

Your website design package also includes hosting, domain registration, email setup, security and updates.


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